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The mineral spring is located in one of the most ecologically clean places in the southern part of Russia. This territory has long been known for the healing power of mineral waters. This is explained by the fact that this area was the bottom of the Dead Sea.

The formed layers of rocks created a natural system, thanks to which meltwater, born in the mountains of the North Caucasus, seeping through the thickness of the mountain massif, gets rid of excess and comes in crystal clear and saturated with minerals and microelements valuable for human.

The peculiarity of this water is that its composition and structures are so balanced that the water does not require any additional chemical treatment: the water composition in the well and in the bottle are identical. The balance of the water composition and the soil structure ensures the stability of the water composition, regardless of the season.

Paying special attention to the preservation of the natural "living" water composition, and taking into account the fact that after extraction from the well natural mineral water "lives" for only a few hours, and during this time it should be bottled, the plant was built in close proximity to the well (50 m from production). In addition, the water is directed to the production directly from the well (without contact with the atmosphere), the water is not transported in tanks, which prevents the risk of its infection or mechanical/chemical pollution.

The water, extracted directly from the well, passes through 3 stages of filtration:

  • At the first stage, the water is saturated with ozone, that is, it is purified in a natural way, which allows preserving the natural composition of the water and ensuring its microbiological purity. In contrast to chlorination and fluorination, in the treatment of water with ozone nothing foreign is added (ozone quickly turns into diatomic oxygen). However, the mineral composition and acidity of the water does not change. Ozonation of water eliminates organic and inorganic compounds. In this case, ozone decomposes them to simple substances - water and carbon dioxide. Some of the remaining substances are combined and precipitated, which is easily eliminated in the next stages of filtration.
  • Sorption filter with quartz sand (natural material)
  • Coal filter
  • Fine filter

Such a cleaning system avoids the use of chemical treating agents and the traditional reverse osmosis method, which completely "kills" water. And a bit of history. In the 70 – 80's of the last century, the water from this well was delivered by plane to the Kremlin in Moscow personally to the Head of the USSR Leonid Brezhnev.