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Paying special attention to the preservation of the natural "living" water composition, and taking into account the fact that after extraction from the well natural mineral water "lives" for only a few hours, and during this time it should be bottled, the plant was built in close proximity to the well (50 m from production).
Our mill plants are annually winning national and international
awards, so we are entitled to consider our flour to be the best in Russia. Nevertheless, our top priority is the customer's approval.
Times during the last decade our mills were considered as the best in Russia
5 years in a row since 2011 our flour was awarded Gold Medal at Prod Expo
16 the number of countries we supply our products to
Наши мельничные заводы ежегодно завоевывают национальные и международные награды, поэтому мы вправе считать нашу муку лучшей в России. Тем не менее, нашим главным приоритетом является одобрение клиента. Раз за последнее десятилетие наши мельницы считались лучшими в России 5 лет подряд с 2011 года наша мука была удостоена Золотой медали на выставке "Prod Expo". 16 - количество стран, в которые мы поставляем нашу продукцию
In addition, the water is directed to the production directly from the well (without contact with the atmosphere), the water is not transported in tanks, which prevents the risk of its infection or mechanical/chemical pollution. In addition, the water is directed to the production directly from the well.

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About company

The company MichelinPostavka LLC was founded in October 2016 to supply food products for export.

The project Import Export Trade Company was created as a logical continuation of the business of supplying food products to restaurant chains, fast food chains, factory-kitchens and food production in Russia. For 17 years we have been engaged in wholesale supply of a wide range of food products to various regions of Russia. We cooperate with large domestic and foreign manufacturers and importers. For 7 years we have been importers of various food stuffs from Europe, America and Asia.

In connection with the changed business environment in Russia and extensive experience with foreign partners, we are most interested in exporting food products to India, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, etc. For the convenience of this project promotion, we have a certified refrigeration capacity (cold storage) in Gelendzhik, 30 km from the large commercial port of Novorossiysk. We cooperate on exclusive terms with manufacturers of mineral water and sunflower oil. We regularly check the quality of the products and are ready to provide samples of products. Our company is constantly looking for new ways, forms and opportunities to work with domestic and foreign companies. We invite all potential partners to cooperation. I am sure that our joint work will bring a good result.

Good luck to all present and future partners in our interesting project.